Daily Devotional

If the Son Sets You Free September 24, 2018


Jesus gets low in the dirt. He stoops to wash feet. You can't pick up a child while standing straight--you have to stoop low to catch kids in your arms. The Savior stoops down to scoop some mud for the eyes of a boy blind from birth. He stoops to write in the dirt. No one knows what Jesus wrote, but the impact of it speaks volumes. Common knowledge tells us that people sharply accuse others of the very things they do in secret. If this is any indication of human behavior, we can imagine that while Jesus writes, the rocks drop, and the saints leave the courtyard like a bunch of sinners who have some thinking to do. Jesus stoops to write in the dirt until everyone is gone--then He straightens up. . . .

Judgment is between you and God. No crowds. No outside opinions. No committees. Jesus clears this court to give the woman the good news by asking her an easy question: "Where are your accusers?" The answer is obvious, but the meaning is monumental! "Has no one condemned you?" She was guilty. She was an adulteress. The only way Jesus could let her go is if someone else paid and someone else behaved righteously for her. The only one who had the right to condemn her straightens up and sets her free.

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